Global Big Latch On 2021 Event Calendar

1st to 7th August World Breastfeeding Week

6th, 7th and 8th August 10.30am Global Virtual Big Latch On

Announcement from Joanne

It is with great sadness that due to personal circumstances and the effects of the pandemic, I am unable to run The Global Big Latch On as I have done for the last 12 years.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the years; supporting communities, encouraging networks and celebrating breastfeeding.

I am delighted to tell you that Women’s Health Action New Zealand- where the Global Big Latch On originated- have kindly agreed to be kaitiaki (a New Zealand Māori term for caretaker) this year.

We are in the early stages of planning out exactly what this means but they will support the registration of big latch on events around the world. Due to current public health advice this years event will remain virtual. However after a successful Virtual Big Latch On in 2020, we feel confident that this year can be another positive and important year.

I appreciate your support and understanding with this very difficult decision but I am beyond pleased that we have a Big Latch On guardian in Women’s Health Action NZ.

welcome to Global Big Latch On

Building community support, one latch at a time.

Global Big Latch On events take place at registered locations around the world, where people gather together to breastfeed and offer peer support to each other. Their friends, family and community join this celebration to promote and support breastfeeding. Volunteers from within the community host each location, hosting a Global Big Latch On event creates a lasting support network for the community.

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