The next Global Big Latch On is in 2023

The success of the Big Latch On is due to all our fantastic hosts.

Thinking of hosting a Big Latch On in your community? Its easier than you think!

BLO ROAD 2020-01



Step 1: Find someone to help and choose the virtual platform you will use. This year all events must be virtual.

Step 2: Register your location here

Whether your location is public or private you can register here. Record your Location ID and remember that you can log back in later to make changes.

If you are in New Zealand you need to register with the Big Latch On Founders here.

Step 3: Read the Big Latch On Rules and Host Guidelines

You can find all of these on the resources page

Step 4: Promote your Big Latch On Location

Put up posters, set up a Facebook group and event, invite a local parents group or contact local media to let people know about your event. Remember to have everyone register for your location via

Step 5: Email the virtual meeting link to your participants.

You can do this via the Big Latch On website. Remember you might want to send it more than once and you need to include the event waiver. You can find the event waiver in the host resources.

Step 6: On Big Latch On Morning: Get all the people to sign in and at 10.30am count all the breastfeeding children

Test your technology and make sure it works. Open your room and have fun!

Step 7: On Big Latch On Afternoon: Report your numbers.

Please report your numbers via the website within 24 hours of your latch on.

If you have permission post lots of photos online. Let's show the world what breastfeeding looks like.

It’s that easy! Have fun…