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Host boxes are here to save you time, money and to help make hosting the Global Big Latch On easier.

We want to support you, our hosts as much as possible, so this year we are offering three levels of host boxes, please take time to read about each one before choosing the level of box you want. Please note you do not need a host box to host the Global Big Latch On. You will need to be a registered host to order a host box.

Each box is ready for 25 participants, if you are expecting more than 25 participants please order more than one box.

Each box includes shipping, your box will arrive before the Global Big Latch On. Please check Paypal for shipping updates.

Host boxes are currently only available for shipping to USA and APO/FPO addresses, supplies are limited and orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis across all the box levels. We may need limit the number of boxes you can have, so that more locations can benefit. If you order more than four boxes, we will contact you to discuss your order. If necessary you will be refunded of boxes you do not receive.

This box contains:

Samples from our sponsors, currently includes (more to come, updates soon!)

  • Biokleen Samples
  • A Cute Baby Pop Sockets
  • Thank you for nursing in public cards
  • We are waiting to hear back from our sponsors and will update this list as soon as we can.

Door Prizes and other items may be included if available.


A little note about your $1 Donation:

I am passionate about keeping the Global Big Latch On free for communities to host and to me that means avoiding fees for hosts to register (which most other similar events have) and providing all the support and resources you need free of charge. I encourage to you to take some time to review the financial information about the Global Big Latch On  and to contact me if you have any questions.

I am excited to be able provide these boxes as an added bonus, please note you do not need a host box to host an event in your community.  These samples boxes cost $8 in postage, a cost which is absorbed by the Global Big Latch On.

To help make shipping easier I need to collect your information via PayPal and to do that I need to have a nominal charge for these sample boxes.

If you are unable to afford the $1 donation to help keep the Global Big Latch On happening, please contact me at [email protected].

Thank you so much for hosting.


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10 reviews for Samples from Sponsors

  1. jenna mcdaniel

    Great samples for new ans veteran Mamas!

    • Joanne Edwards

      Thank you

  2. Arielle Ball

    Thank you for the samples! Great idea!

    • Joanne Edwards

      Great to have positive feedback, thank you for taking the time

  3. Erin Grider-Way

    Will there be another chance to order the samples?

  4. Shira Johnson

    Is it too late to order these samples? I see they’re currently out of stock…

  5. Karen Sheffer (verified owner)

    Received my host box earlier this week. Thank you ladies for getting it to me quickly. These will be really nice goodie bags to hand out along with the bracelets and raffles for the t-shirt and gift card. Thank you for taking the time to make these, these are great!

  6. Leonelly Moreno Galinaitis

    Our community is expecting about 20 Moms, I hope the sponsors are able to supply you with more samples, before August. Thank you for the information.

  7. Whitney Livingston

    When will host sample boxes be back in stock to order for latch on event?
    Thank you!

  8. Jordan Harrison (verified owner)

    Our location attendees loved the samples!

  9. Cassie Kroupa

    Question? Do these come in little bags ready to hand out?

    • Joanne Edwards

      Not these ones the deluxe boxes come with bags!

  10. Claire Gelson

    So disappointing that we can’t get samples in the UK :’(

    • Joanne Edwards

      Sadly Claire I have never managed to figure out a structure that would let me do this. Still working on it though and in the past sometimes its depending on my mum visiting me here at the right time to bring stuff back in time to be sent out – which is not always possible.

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