For 24 hours on Sunday 6th August, we will count all the breastfeeding or expressing selfies posted with the hashtag #mybiglatchon.

We start Selfies Sunday in 2015 to provide breastfeeding women who could not attend a Big Latch On event in person a chance to participate in an online breastfeeding event and encourage them to connect with other breastfeeding mums via social media sites such as Facebook. The introduction of online breastfeeding event is designed to coexist with participation in the physical Global Big Latch On event, rather than replacing it, as a way of creating more ways for women to feel supported and connected while breastfeeding. The selfie campaign involves women taking a photo of themselves breastfeeding or expressing and sharing it on social media with the hashtag #mybiglatchon. Selfies can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This event increases positive public images of breastfeeding and expressing.

Selfie instructions

Selfies can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If uploading to Facebook, the selfie can either be shared on your own Facebook page, or to the Global Big Latch On Facebook page (or both). Make sure you write the words ‘#mybiglatchon’ in the caption for your picture to connect it to the Selfie Sunday count. PLEASE NOTE: The Global Big Latch On Facebook page is a PUBLIC PAGE and Global Big Latch On cannot be responsible for the privacy of photos uploaded onto our page or other online platforms.